Neighborhood spotlight: Del Paso Country Club Estates

Country Club Estates is the neighborhood directly behind Del Paso Country Club, bordered by Marconi Avenue to the south, Watt Avenue to the East, Fulton Avenue to the West, and Pope Avenue to the north, but also includes Club Lane, Country Club Lane, E Country Club Lane, and W Country Club Lane. Directly to the west of the club, the homes on Morse Avenue are spectacular architectural masterpieces, built in the 1920’s.

Homes in this community were generally built in from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. Aside from Morse Avenue, these older homes range in size from small 800 square foot cottages, to 3500 square feet, and sit on parcels ranging from a quarter acre to just over an acre in size. While many of these homes were built as “cookie cutters”, meaning that only a handful of individual floorplans were initially built and available, most of the homes have been remodeled and added on to, giving each home distinct individuality but retaining the original charm.

Seely Park sits on Pope Avenue in the middle of this community. It was recently completely renovated, and has a full size basketball court, playground, picnic facilities, and beautiful “water splash” fountain where children in the hot summer months are known to cool off.

The Town & Country Village is nearby, providing residents of Country Club Estates lots of upscale shopping, including William Glen, the Helen Jones Art Gallery, and Bonney & Gordon. Also in Town & Country Village are plenty of places to eat, including the Sacramento Brewing Company, Chateai by A Shot of Class, and my favorite LeGrand Confectionary.

While there are no schools within Country Club Estates, there are several nearby ones, including Whitney Avenue Elementary School at Eastern and Whitney, Arcade Fundamental Middle School at Watt and Edison, and El Camino Fundamental High School on El Camino and Eastern.

Del Paso Country Club was founded in Sacramento, California in 1916 on what was once part of the historic Rancho Del Paso. Through the years, the Club has grown to include an 18-hole golf course, beautiful dining and meeting rooms, a modern Fitness Center, multiple swimming pools and Golf Pro Shop.

Feel free to contact me for more information on this wonderful community! I can be reached at or

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All work and no play??

Ok – so even though I am extremely busy with real estate and all that, I have to have a little fun every now and then. My brother and I traveled to Scottsdale, AZ this last weekend for SF Giants Spring Training…I have not had that much fun in a long time! Our flight from Sacramento left at 6:10am on Friday morning, so I got up at 2:30am, showered and got ready, picked my brother up in West Sac at 4:00am and got to the airport at 4:30am.

I had no idea that the airport would be so busy that early in the morning. I was also dismayed to learn that the airport Coffee shops do not open until 5:00am. Perhaps I will write the Starbucks corporate people and let them know that early travelers need caffeine prior to 5:00am!

Anyway, after a fairly uneventful flight, we landed in Phoenix. We got to see my Giants win 2 of 3 games while we were there, I got to see Bonds absolutely crush 2 homeruns, I got maybe 20 players autographs (including Barry Zito & Rich Aurilia), and I had a really fun time with my brother overall. The photo above is actually the two of is at this really cool sushi / Benihana-like place in Scottsdale…

"Neuen" Listing – 2132 Tiber River Drive, Rancho Cordova

Ok today Blogger (owned by Google) is in German…I luckily got my degree in a foreign language and I can decipher some of this stuff…I have heard people swear German is similar to English, but in place of English on the back-end admin side of this blog are highlighted links like “Mitteilungen bearbeiten” and “Kommentare prüfen. ” Huh!?

Anwyay I have a new listing I wanted to share with ya’ll:

It is a nice 4 Bedroom / 2.5 Bathroom home in the Sunriver Community of Rancho Cordova. It has a built-in swimming pool, and is offered at $375k. Contact me for a private showing at


The Best Loan Officer – EVER!

Before I tell ya’ll about the best loan officer ever, let me explain that a bad loan officer/lending company can really screw up a home sale or purchase. I have had the misfortune to work with clients who have chosen to work with a bad loan officer for one reason or another. Unfortunately for the average buyer/borrower, it is extremely difficult to distinguish a great one from a terrible one.

“Erin – how can a loan officer screw things up?” I am asked constantly by my clients. Dishonesty. Lack of Ethics. Laziness. Lack of knowledge. Let me put it to ya’ll this way: there are a lot of moving components in a real estate transaction that must all take place within a 30-day escrow period, and screwing any of them up can lead to a disaster! Where do I find a great loan officer, you ask? Ask someone you know and trust for a referral.

Not all loan officers are created equally. Please – on the first meeting you have with a prospective loan officer (which should take place before you start your actual home search), it is imperative you ask many questions and get a lot of information up front. Remember – you will basically be giving all of your private, confidential financial information to these people, and a home purchase is one of the largest and most significant financial transactions most people ever undertake.

1) What type of loan should I get? A good loan officer will thoroughly interview you and your finances prior to suggesting any particular type of loan. Would a good dentist recommend pulling a tooth before he looks in your mouth?

2) How much can I spend on my home purchase? Beware of the loan officer who tries to “over-qualify” you. They are still out there. Just because you can qualify for $500k does not mean you can or should spend $500k! A loan officer will use a debt-to-income ratio of your gross (pre-tax) income to qualify you for a mortgage loan…make sure this is a ratio that you can live with. For example, let’s suppose your monthly income before tax is $6,000, and the loan officer determines you can afford a payment of $3,000.00 per month. Well after tax, let’s suppose your net monthly income is $4,500.00 – do you want 2/3 of your income each month to go toward the monthly payment? You will have $1,500 left for groceries, car payments, gas, utilities, etc…You need to know before you start the purchase process what purchase scenario is ok with you!

2) What are the discount points and origination fees associated with said loan? Borrowers can use “points” to basically buy down an interest rate. For example, by paying a point, you may be able to go from 6.25% interest to 5.75% interest – and save $X on your monthly payment for the life of the loan. Points are not free! A point will cost you 1 percent of the loan amount up front- so if your loan is for $500k, each point will cost $5,000.

3) What other fees are associated with this loan? Find out what the origination fees are…basically a good lender will not hide these items from you – make sure to ask your loan officer for what is referred to as a “Good Faith Estimate.” This is basically an itemization of ALL the fees associated with obtaining a loan…there are lots of them, like the Appraisal fee, credit report fee, lender’s title policy, escrow fees, recording fees, taxes, notary fees…

4) Will there be a pre-payment penalty? If you decide that in a year (or two..or up to five years for that matter) after your home purchase you want to sell or re-finance, you may be subject to a penalty. Generally, prepayment penalties allow a lender to collect an additional six months of “unearned interest” if you pay the loan off early. Find out if your loan will have a pre-payment penalty, and what the terms are.

5) Do you offer a “rate lock” on this loan? Interest rates change on a daily basis. Find out if you can lock in to your rate, and if there are any fees associated with doing so.

6) Are loans approved in-house? Ask if there are underwriters on staff that approve or reject the loans, and/or issue condition for the loans prior to approval and funding.

7) When I sign my loan paperwork right before the close of escrow, will you be there at the signing to answer any questions if they come up? The answer to this needs to be yes! Occasionally there are errors on loan documents, and it is much easier to correct issues if the loan officer is there and can call the underwriter or whoever and get the problem resolved. Obviously an out-of-area loan officer may have a problem personally attending the signing…take my advice and do not use a loan officer that does not physically work in your area.

Anyway, once you have completed your initial pre-qualification process, put your chosen loan officer in touch with your real estate agent. They will have to work closely over your escrow period. Just because Uncle Bob is a loan officer does not make him a good choice to do your loan. Ask him all the same questions…trust me, you do not want any surprises when you are signing the final paperwork for the house of your dreams!

Ok, so now the information you have all been anxiously awaiting!…Contact Marlena Olson with the Vitek Mortgage Group. Marlena has worked with Vitek for about 10 years, which is rare in this business. She is, by far, the most ethical, honest, and hard-working loan officer I have ever come in contact with, and I have referred many of my clients to her. She can be reached at 916-486-6900 or


Not just another pretty face!

For those of you who have not had the chance to view my main real estate website, you have not had the distinct pleasure of laying eyes on Harold. Harold is my 4.5-year old Bloodhound, and quite possibly the most handsome, sweet dog I have ever had. Harold’s mug graces the homepage of my website…

Harold compensates for being so handsome by also being incredibly smelly…which leads me to my topic of the day – pet odor in homes. If you are planning to list your home for sale, and you love your pet as much as I do – PLEASE take the time to de-odorize your house. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have become accustomed that doggy smell (or kitty, guinea pig, ferrett, etc.) in your home, and the odor does not bother you. I guarantee your guests smell this odor, and potential buyers of your home will smell this too. Not only could this issue lead to extra time on the market, but possibly a price reduction later. Why lower your price $10k when you can spend relatively little in most cases getting rid the the smell? Here are a few tips for replacing “That old, wet dog smell” with “That new house smell.”

– Scoop the litter box…and take out the trash! This goes for the backyard too if you have dogs…scoop that poop!…or clean that cage!

– Use scented sprays – like Febreeze or Ozium…light scented candles.

– Use the plug-in oil burning thingy.

– Clean with disinfectants that use enzymes to “eat away” odors from hard surfaces like concrete floors and the insides of garbage containers.

– Sprinkle carpet freshener on your carpet to absorb odors and then vacuum.

– Bathe your pets. Duh!

– If the smell is just too strong, have carpets and/or upholstry professionally cleaned…or if your budget permits, replace your carpet and clear the furniture out of the house.

Open House Sunday 3/25 – 3930 Aberdeen Way, Sacramento 95821

Come check out this charming home this Sunday from noon – 3pm. Refreshments will be served! You will fall in love with this 3 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom single family home near Pasadena/Norris in “Evergreen Estates.” This home has something for everyone, including 2 RV/Boat accesses, a tool shed, a wading pool with serene waterfall, refinished hardwood floors, a spacious kitchen, built-in hutch, dual pane windows, a composition roof, a whole house fan, central heat & air, ceiling fans, a cozy fireplace, and more.

Please make time to tour this fabulous home on Sunday! Take Auburn Blvd to Norris, right on Pasadena, left on Aberdeen to 3930 Aberdeen Way. Thomas Guide 278 H3.

Proposition 60 info

I have been asked a few times over the last month about California Proposition 60. Because it is a “tax relief” amendment to California’s Revenue & Taxation Code, and I am not a CPA, I am not going to attempt to explain it or how it works in any detail. Here is a link to where you can research it to see if it may apply to you:

I highly encourage anyone who thinks they qualify to contact a qualified tax/accounting professional.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

Legal Stuff

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Sacramento Film Festival – March 28 – April 1

Blogger is in German again…”Kommentare prüfen” anyone? For all you movie buffs in Sacramento, it is time once again for the Sacramento Film Festival! I am sure most of you had no idea Sacramento had its own film festival…well we do! Get ready for your close up! Red carpet, here I come!

“Filmmakers from all over the world will descend on the state’s capital starting on March 28 for the annual Sacramento International Film Festival (SFF). Not to be confused with other events, THE Sacramento Film Festival ™ boasts our region’s greatest showcase of international feature films, documentaries and independent shorts. Hollywood trade publications already rank SFF with many long-established film festivals.

SFF 07 features a host of international features, shorts and uncompromising documentaries. The Festival opens with ‘The Elephant King’ starring Academy Award® winner Ellen Burstyn. This haunting drama, which also opened Tribecca last year, is being hailed as a masterpiece. Also on marquee is the acclaimed dark comedy ‘Special’, starring Michael Rapaport. ‘Special’ runs March 31st at the Crest Theater and includes some very ‘special’ LIVE appearances.

In addition to a film line-up they won’t see anywhere else, SFF offers filmmakers and audiences some outstanding skill development opportunities. ‘SacTown 48’ film creation project challenges film makers to create a 4 to 7 minute film in just 48 hours for consideration by a panel of celebrity judges. In addition, Hollywood story editor Christopher Lockhart will host ‘Pitch Fest’, a forum for aspiring filmmakers to pitch their movie ideas to Hollywood big wigs. “The Pitch Fest is brutal,” said Martin Anaya, the festival’s executive director. “But it’s exactly what these filmmakers need…It’s also wickedly entertaining to watch. We’ll see whose egos survive this jolt of Hollywood reality.”

The Sacramento Film Festival is an arts organization with year round activities, culminating in an annual film celebration. Soon a complete program will be ready for the 2007 event. With the support of a passionate arts community, SFF attracts the best filmmakers, today’s hottest stars and thousands of film enthusiasts from around the world.”