Developers offer discounts to encourage the purchase of dream homes

Buying a house can be a challenging decision for many. After all, it involves investing your hard-earned money. People get finicky when it comes to purchasing their dream home as they expect the best amenities and facilities that are worth their investment. There have been many cases where people go house hunting for apartments in Bannerghatta road and other such places in the south, but return disappointed because of the expensive property prices. Now, you no longer have to wait for the prices to drop. Your dream home can be well within your reach as real estate developers are offering lucrative discounts for apartments and flats for sale in Bannerghatta road.

  • The slowdown in the housing industry

Unlike earlier times, potential house buyers have plenty of choices available now. Builders and brokers are willing to negotiate better deals, which wasn’t an option some time back. Working professionals, especially those from the IT sector, are ready to purchase a second home and buy apartments on Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, because of the declining prices. There are a large number of people who are unable to purchase their dream homes because of the weak economy. But, simultaneously, there is also a significant section of the population who is grabbing the discounted offers introduced by real estate developers. With changing times, developers are now accepting requests from buyers and providing benefits. The price corrections have already taken place in the different sub-markets, depending on the supply and demand dynamics.

  • Rise of the buyer’s market

Builders need to keep the cash flow steady. For this reason, they are willing to provide discounts when they are close to finishing the inventory. They are enthusiastic to provide schemes rather than turning away a customer. The pre-launches are occurring at aggressive prices. Due to the rising debt, unsold inventory, and slow new home sales, builders are ready to negotiate with potential buyers. The end-user can bargain the best deals as the quoted prices remain stagnant. To make things better, the Reserve Bank of India has started offering home loans at low-interest rates. In fact, due to the recent RBI rate cuts, banks have been asked to reduce their base rate, which can substantially decrease the cost of home loans. Industry experts and financial advisers believe that now is the right time to buy flats for sale in Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.

  • Introduction of innovative offers and schemes

There are several real estate developers that are offering payment plans for possession. Such programs require individuals to pay 2 percent at the time of booking and take a loan for 80 percent. The EMI will be borne by the builder. After six months, the cost has to be paid, and the final 10 percent is due at the time of possession. Similar schemes with payment options ranging from 30-65-5 to 30-70 and 30-40-30 are designed to attract buyers. Be it cities such as Hyderabad and Chennai or apartments in Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore, developers are coming up with large projects. Real estate analysts believe that people expect an increase in disposable incomes once the economic indicators improve, and the interest rates reduce. As property prices continue to remain stagnant, this combination works as an excellent opportunity to potential home buyers and investors.

When it comes to luxurious properties, developers are ready to sit across the table and negotiate the payment scheme. So, you can choose to buy your dream home by purchasing apartments in Bannerghatta road, keeping in mind the current market conditions and flexible payment options.

This is a guest post by Deepak Yewle

Can an NRI Take Personal Loan in India?

Yes, NRI’s can take personal loans in India. The NRI personal loans are accessible from various banks in India. No matter what purpose is the loan offer, there are many prominent banks that offer personal loans to NRIs against fixed deposits while private part banks give NRI personal loans that might be unbound. In fact, the personal loans for NRIs are a decent alternative to get speedy financing for diverse prerequisites.

The NRI personal loans are intended to help Indians who are living abroad to profit from the advantages of a personal loan in India. Some of the most famous banks which provide loans for NRI are State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Axis Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, etc.

1. Eligibility: 

  • There are some requirements an NRI is supposed to meet in order to qualify the process of getting a loan. They are:
  • The applicant applying for the loan should be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must also be at least 21 years of age.
  • It is important for the applicant to be a professional with a consistent salary or to run a business and be self employed.
  • The salary or the income of the applicant should be enough to qualify for the loan.
  • A number of documents which are required to be submitted as a formality.

In addition to all these things, it is possible that there may be some additional criteria dependent on the bank rules. The best to gain a better understanding of all the prerequisites is to go through the website of the bank you’ve chosen and be clear about everything that is required to get a personal loan.

2. Documentation: 

  • Coming to the documents required for NRI loans, the process is pretty simple to get any other personal loan. Salary details and KYC details need to be shown while applying for a loan. If a person is an NRI then reports which affirm the residential status are also important. Other important things are a passport and a VISA of the country the candidate is living in currently. In addition to all these documents, some other important documents are:
  • A photocopy of passport and VISA of the candidate. 
  • A certificate of salary determining the name, date of joining, designation and compensation details in English. 
  • Bank statements of both domestic and International banks throughout the previous half year. 
  • In the event that the candidate isn’t accessible in India when the application of loan is submitted, at that point a General Power of Attorney should properly bore witness from the Indian office of the NRI’s occupant nation. In the event that the candidate is available in India, the Power of Attorney can be privately legally approved. 
  • A duplicate copy of the appointment letter of NRI just as the contract.

You might be required to present some extra documents, so the best approach is to recheck the formalities of the bank that you have chosen for a personal loan.

3. Personal loans for NRIs: 

There are many banks in India that offer both rupee and foreign currency personal loans to NRIs who have FCNR or NRE term accounts. These personal loans are accessible against the sum in the FCNR or NRE accounts at highly competitive international rates. The loans are usually accessible up to 90% of the sum in the account with each bank having its own maximum limit on personal loan amounts.

4. Some highlights of personal loans are: 

  • The NRI loans have a wide scope of highlights as talked about below:
  • The NRI loans are actually accessible for a higher amount of money. 
  • The rates of interest involved in these loans are pretty competitive.
  • Time frame involved in the reimbursement of these loans ranges between one year to as long as five years.
  • An NRI can get a loan to fulfill almost any purpose.

5. Advantages of NRI loans:

  • The NRI personal loans offer many advantages of quick financing and many other things, for example,
  • Simple financing for individual credit prerequisites. 
  • The loans can be obtained from many other banks of your choice. Each bank has its own rules and advantages.
  • Extremely simple documentation and the application process. 
  • Bother free and quick preparing of all the important applications. 
  • The loans are accessible for both the salaried employees and people who are self employed.

This is a guest post by Shipra Aggarwal

Taxation aspects for an NRI, PIO, or a Foreigner for buying an immovable Property in India

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

Buying a property has tax implications. If a property is meant for income generation, then one has to pay income tax in addition to property tax, service tax, Capital Gains Tax, and wealth tax. Tax guidelines vary from state to state in India. A typical resident of India who has invested in property has resources and time to adhere to taxation aspects.

However, an NRI or PIO or a foreigner can find it cumbersome to adhere to taxation aspects of buying an immovable property in India. What are the various kinds of taxes, what is the definition of NRI or PIO as per income tax act, and what are the various tax exemptions? These are some of the questions a Non Resident Indian (NRI), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), or a foreigner will be confronted with. Here we present the detailed paper for taxation aspects for an NRI, PIO, and Foreigner for buying an immovable property in India:

source: National Housing Bank

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5 Tips To Improve Your Rental Property

As 2018 commences, rental property owners should assess their rental portfolio to attract a steady stream of quality and serious rental tenants. Potential tenants will be checking out your website and property photographs before ever even stepping foot on your property. These relatively inexpensive tips will drastically improve your rental property, while maximizing its income potential.

1. Amp Up Your Rental Property Photos

One way to improve your rental property marketing approach is through high quality photographs, which highlight the spectacular features of your property. Many potential property renters will quickly skim through online rental portfolios, and immediatly reject any properties with low resolution and poor quality photographs. 

Consider purchasing a professional DSLR camera to capture high quality, crisp images. If your photography skills are lacking, look into hiring a professional photographer to capture your rental properties in a positive and professional manner. Posting professional photographs of your rental properties online shows potential tentants a clear impression of your property. Furthermore, taking the time and effort to post professional photographs shows potential tenants that the property managers are diligent, professional, and organized. 

If you plan on taking professional images yourself, ensure that the lighting is adequate and not too dark. For interior shots, open nearby blinds and windows to capture natural light. Furthermore, staging is key when taking professional property photographs. Clear rooms of all clutter, and incorporate furniture and props to provide potential tenants with a realistic idea of how their new rental property could look.

2. Modernize Kitchens and Bathrooms

Providing tenants with modern and squeaky clean kitchen and bathrooms will powerfully improve your rental properties. Before upgrading any room, focus on the kitchen and bathrooms first. Beautiful and modern kitchen and bathrooms will attract high quality tenants. Replace outdated kitchen appliances with modern, stainless steel alternatives. Upgrade dated bathroom tiles, toilets, and showers with sleek and modern options. By upgrading the bathrooms and kitchen, the monthly rent of your rental property will highly increase. Furthermore,  undergoing a kitchen renovation can also solve many mechanical issues and lower maintenance requests, as many old appliances tend to falter and fail. 

3. Replace Dated Light Fixtures

Replace outdated light fixtures with modern, elegant alternatives that will appeal to potential rental tenants. This inexpensive fix can immediately improve the ambiance of any room, and impress potential tenants. Modern chandeliers will give small apartments a boost in appeal and style. Other examples of fixtures that need replacing are:

  • Door handles that stick
  • Mini-binds with missing slats
  • Faucets or tubs that drip 
  • Cabinet hardware that has lost it’s finish

4. Maintain Landscaping 

The exterior of your rental property provides potential tenants with their first impression of your property. Ensure the exterior of your property is always properly maintained and cared for.

Always mow the grass before potential showings. If you have flowerbeds and bushes, spread fresh mulch down to give the exterior a healthy glow. Finally, ensure your property is safe and secured by checking all gate hinges, removing any broken concrete from sidewalks, and confirm the pathways are sturdy.

5. Increase Storage Room

Storage is an overlooked yet highly important priority for renters. Property managers can boost the value of their property by increasing storage options. Some simple ways to increase storage include adding hooks to main areas like entryways and bathrooms, installing closet organizing systems, and adding additional shelving in pantries. More elaborate storage upgrades include installing permanent shelving in the garage, creating built-in shelves, framing in a new closet, and adding a shed on the property.  

Blind to Recession – Or Just Sand in the Eyes?

Now that the press have blabbed on about it enough, the world is officially in a recession apparently…. Or are we? Not according to Emirates Business Salem Almoosa, Chairman and CEO of Falconcity of Wonders!

Last week (20/10/08) we saw possibly one of the most preposterous pieces of PR ever seen come out of the United Arab Emirates. Statements such as “In my opinion prices will never ever go down” and “I believe there will not be a price correction in the market. Who is saying this? I have not heard of any correction or decrease in prices and I am not seeing it either.”

Well, it happens to be the above mentioned business man. Saleem Almoosa has a BSc in economics from the USA, and is well connected to the travel industry, the Dubai chamber of Commerce, and the National Geographic Society.
What is he talking about? Where can we get invested in such a place where money grows on trees, the streets are paved with gold and we can all live happily ever after? Quick, tell us now Mr Almoosa!!

FalconCity, Dubai. Now, I don’t know about anyone reading this, but sure as there is sand in the desert, I don’t think I would want someone making statements like that at this point in time! One has to ask if Saleem Almoosa has ever been out of the Emirates! I can just imagine the reporter doing the interview either stunned almost into silence, or rolling around the floor laughing!

The justification in the article itself behind Almoosas’ comments and statements is unreal, the vagueness of his answers pertaining to completion and even the actual business model is just a joke, stating when asked about the completion timing “I cannot tell you the answer to that. Any large-scale project such as this will of course take time and an exact date is difficult to specify. We make plans but they change every year as there are many factors as there are many determining factors. But we hope that in another five years things will be taking shape.”

5 YEARS???!!! and then you HOPE you will have an idea?

Ask yourself, this is a company that has no real idea of timescale, has its’ head in the clouds, blames the west for creating a recession they can’t see and publicly states this!

Dubai and the Emirates have long been an investment hot spot and some serious money has been made there, but this isn’t oil. You cannot expect to triple or more the size of the population, housing, infrastructure, import and so on and expect to make the same profit. The real world doesn’t work like that. Even the basics of infrastructure cost money to create and then money to run. It isn’t like digging a hole and selling what comes out for a fortune and holding the world to ransom.

The extremely comical article can be read in full at Emirates Business 24/7 To see another interesting comment from earlier in the year, go to – How to see all the Wonders of the World in Just one Day.

Coming Soon, Forums – Are they any use? Can you trust them? Are they just for beating up other companies? The Investment Property Rumour Mill is taking an in depth look at what use the property forums are, which ones are moderated, and is it possible to buy or threaten your way around them?

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Detailed Guide: Finding and Moving to a New Home

Are you in your 20s or early 30s? And starting your master’s degree or settling in a new job or just got married, chances are, you have encountered this massive hunt. Yea hunt and we are talking about finding the right place to stay and live in a city of your choice. While real estate prices have boomed in major metros across India, and therefore, only option you are left with is to find a decent 1BHK or at most 2BHK apartment near your workplace or institute.

As easy as it may sound, the whole experience of settling in a new home is tedious to say the least. And when we talk about new home, what we mean is renting a home which is of right size, located close to your workplace and is in close proximity to commercial & institutional centers such as malls, hospitals, schools, etc.

So, what are the things one should pay attention to while looking to rent a home in a metro across India? How should I as a home seeker go about the whole experience? We list down the steps based on true experience.

  • Finding the right place
    • List down your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’
    • Search on Internet
  • Preparing to Move
    • Sign the Lease Agreement only after consultation
    • Hire a mover, it’s always worth it
    • Identify your unloading zone in advance
  • Packing Your Bags and Boxes
  • Setting Up
  • The Décor


One can subscribe to the below Guide “The Most Jugaadu 1 BHK Ever” by Voucher Cloud that has tips and tricks for the young population in India which can help them select/buy/transform their 1 BHK into an awesome crib. Hope you will find this useful.

REBGV Sales Update Through September 2016

REBGV released their stats package through September 2016. Here are z numbers:

Sales are average — and on the low side of average — and markedly slower than the spring. Inventory is creeping higher but slowly. It is still very low because new listings are not significantly higher than average. Months of inventory has continued to creep up through a combination of rising inventory and lower sales.

The market is slower now. As I have mentioned before, a slowdown was all but inevitable to cause prices to stop rising at the rates they have recently. Current conditions could be, but are not necessarily, a very early indication of a more significant price correction in 2017. 

Since sales are highest in the spring and inventory tends to climb through the first half of the year, prices in the spring tend to be more robust than the second half of the year. If you are looking for significant downwards price changes, they will most likely manifest in the house price index data no earlier than the fall of 2017, and that will necessarily be predicated by sluggish sales and rising inventory in the first half of the year. We are not to the point where a price drop is a surety, but there are sufficient conditions in place for it to occur.

New Home Loan 3 Tips To Speed Up The Mortgage

If you are thinking to find the perfect home, which is lucky because I think low interest rates occurs all the time, this, then your loan application is submitted mortgage … wait Please. Interest rates, to the point next week, but also you. Still waiting. I open the newspaper and groan when you pay points to another important meaning of amount of monthly payment that is true again.

How can I avoid this?The good news is that you are several steps you can apply for a loan faster! Here are some suggestions.

If you have not started to buy your new home you need to consider before you buy your home mortgage. Before you use, your house and then found the first two completed the second, to approve a mortgage loan. Be. First, it is entirely your interest “play” that can be locked to eliminate the wait. In addition, before, and many more opportunities, when you need him to negotiate for the seller is authorized. You “” appear serious buyers.

If then, the mortgage must still be approved find your dream house is located a few steps you can speed up the process.If you return your call as soon as possible you need to call the mortgage company to provide all documents and all necessary information. Attention is, in general they will ask if you can not. The loan is to your destination.

Then, for the simple mortgage lender, is to organize its files by all the information you need to know more readable. For example, if you will, you can include a tax return must report to save the budget. Credit card or bank information check out the free credit report, canceled checks or bank account information and all of your investment in new home contracts for other evidence of current mortgage or rent payments This will save the time of the mortgage. All you have to this question.