5 Keys to an Effective Real Estate Marketing Plan

When an owner decides to sell his house, he should interview potential agents and have a thorough discussion about why he should hire that person (which is unique, or better in their service, etc.), etc. . Once, you feel comfortable. With the quality of character, integrity, ethics, attitude, skills / competency, negotiation skills and the ability to customize an approach to fit a specific property, it is essential to take the time and make the necessary effort to:, understand the basis, reasoning, reasoning, etc., of that representative&39;s marketing plan, as well as what will be included and the teamwork required. Keeping this in mind, this article will briefly attempt to review, review, discuss and revise 5 key elements of an effective marketing plan.

1. How many open days (broker and community) ?: Will open days be part of this approach and planning? How could they be marketed, introduced and useful in the overall marketing of the customer&39;s home? Is the house, staging, or any other area, to be approached and taken into account? How will your chosen agent present your home to other local agents? Will they use an open house for brokers? If an audience and / or a community is planned, how will it be promoted, where and who do you believe to be the niche – the market, for the property in question? What will the professional do to differentiate him from others and will produce a significant positive impact? How often will they be driven / held?

2 Where / how promoted ?: How will your house be promoted, marketed, etc.? Will your representative explain his reasoning / reasoning, explaining why he will pursue a specific action plan and plan of action?

3 Philosophy of price: After, well over 10 years, as a licensed real estate salesman in New York State, I witnessed the discovery of some agents who unrealistically suggest higher selling prices, in an attempt to buy an ad. Ask people, in your interviews, what their pricing philosophy is and why, in their opinion, it works better. Pricing is an important component of the overall marketing system / plan!

4 Agent / client, regular discussions: How will the agent you will engage, interact with you, and how often will you discuss regularly, both of the process, etc., that are relevant to the process? Avoid all those who will not be ready, willing and able to communicate fully!

5 When price adjustment, and why ?: To what extent will price adjustments be made smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner, and what will be the basic reasoning?

The more you and your agent stay on the same page, the better you can proceed, with the necessary degree of teamwork, to a quality marketing program that is even more useful and effective! Do not forget that for most people, the value of their home is their main financial asset. You must do everything you can to follow a smart course of action!