5 pounds that every condo conversion investor should read

S adventuring into the wonderful world of condominium conversions and real estate investments requires a lot of education and learning. One of the most recommended ways to acquire the information you need is to read books written by people who have had this experience and who have a lot of knowledge and knowledge to share. If you are entrepreneurial, this is probably not a new concept because, as you probably already know, the best way to succeed is to do what other successful people already do. Here are the 5 books to read to guide you through your condo conversion journey.

The Complete Guide to Idiotics on Investment in Commercial Real Estate

by Stuart Leland Rider

This book, now in its third edition, is a wealth of information for a completely new individual in real estate investing. It has recently been updated to include current information on trends in commercial real estate. It contains several pages on condominium conversion information, but the essential of the information relates to the general details of the investment. The cover of the subject is very comprehensive and the book has received good reviews as a resource and learning tool.

How to make money in commercial real estate for the small investor

by Nicholas Masters

Another great resource for the novice investor, this book also covers all aspects of commercial and residential investment. Although the conversion to condominiums is very little covered, it provides excellent information on the acquisition and appraisal of apartment buildings and similar complexes that constitute the type of properties most often used for conversion.

Purchase, Rehabilitation and Repositioning of a Commercial Investment Property

by Michael H. Zaransky

Although this book has received only very bad reviews for its information on real estate investing in general, it contains more specific information on condo conversions. There are useful examples of agreements to purchase condominium conversions, income statements, as well as personal examples of condominium conversion experiences including the rehabilitation of small buildings, multi-family buildings as well as as the conversion of a hotel into a condominium.

What every real estate investor needs to know about cash flow … and 36 other key financial measures

by Frank Gallinelli

This book focuses on all the financial information you need to know to become a successful real estate investor. Here you&39;ll find valuable information about valuing properties for investment and determining the potential ROI of a property. There are many forms and templates to download and use.

How to buy and sell real estate

by Eugene E. Vollucci

And finally, here is a book that will be most useful in your search for apartment buildings to buy for a profitable condo conversion. This book also addresses many general issues of real estate investment, but focuses primarily on the best ways to acquire apartment buildings and earn money through this deal.