Must-ask Questions Before You Finalize on a Luxury Apartment

Now, that you have decided to buy a luxury apartment, it’s important to invest your time and carry out the necessary homework around the luxury real-estate market. Firstly, the easiest way to do research is using the internet. There are many real-estate discussion forums and groups in social-networking sites such as Facebook or Quora, where you can post questions related to the luxury home market. All you need is basic networking skills, and you can easily evoke informative answers from “virtual” friends.

Apart from posting online queries, it’s important for you to have in-person interactions with people in real estate. For example, you can set appointments with sales people from various real-estate companies and get a quick view of the prices and deals.

Besides, it’s important to draw impartial advice from people who are experts in the market. In that respect, you may meet real-estate advisers, brokers and agents who are known to enlighten many on the market and share a few tips on finding the best deals in the city.

All the interactions, be they virtual or in person, will help you to avoid apprehensions about the big investments you’re about to make. However, there are ways in which you can prepare yourself and ask better questions to understand the market of luxury apartments.

Before the final plunge, let’s quickly run through some common questions that come to everyone’s mind…

  1. Is the project title clear? 
  2. Has the project got the required approval? 
  3. What is the total cost of ownership? What is the monthly maintenance cost?
  4. Which other costs are included along with the registration fee?  
  5. What are the highlights of the project? 
  6. How great is the aesthetic value of the building? Is the building design in sync with your concept of a luxury building? 
  7. What are the key amenities showcased by the builder? 
  8. According to you, what are the most desirable amenities of a luxury apartment?
  9. How good are the views from balcony and living room?
  10. Are concierge services available? 
  11. How far are the conveniences?
  12. Is the price affordable for you? 
  13. What’s the overall reputation of the builder in terms of deliverability, quality and finish?
  14. What’s the actual size of the house? 
  15. Is there a model apartment or an occupied flat that you can visit?  
  16. What is the compensation offered if the possession gets delayed?
  17. Is there an option to customize the interiors when the building is in construction phase?
  18. What are the luxury amenities provided by the builder? Are they at par with amenities in luxury projects being built by other builders?
  19. What is the overall prospect of the price trends in the given locality?
  20. What is the probable return on investment for the given project?
  21. If the apartment is already occupied, can you check the opinion of current owners about the property?
  22. How is the locality connected to other parts of the city? 
  23. Is there easy access to public transport facilities?
  24. Apart from the main features, what are subtle aspects of the project which make it unique? For example, the floor-to-ceiling height, common wall sharing, number of apartments in each floor or block, number of elevators in each block, fire safety precautions, etc.

Closing note…

Here is one suggestion to prospective luxury home buyers – don’t believe everything that sales reps say. Try to go beyond their words and the glossy brochures. Carry out a good research on your future home as the pay-out is big and it’s an important decision in your life.

This is a Guest post by Seema Mohta, who has over 7 years of experience within Real Estate Industry. She has worked with Various Real estate companies and has Good knowledge about property trends, Investment, Apartments in Sarjapur

Ten things data have taught me about the world.

(1) Tax cuts do not magically create growth; 

(2) Vaccines are among the best things we have ever invented; 

(3) raising the minimum wage to a point improves living standards for low wage workers (and that point may be somewhere between $11 and $15 per hour), beyond that point, it lowers living standards for low wage workers; 

(4) GMOs are fine; 

(5) the benefits of the Clean Air Act swamp the costs by an order of magnitude or more; 

(6) the mortgage interest deduction has a vanishingly small impact on the homeownership rate; 

(7) trade has raised living standards for hundreds of millions around the world; 

(8) trade has reduced living standards for low skilled workers in the US; 

(9) rent control reduces the stock of rental housing; 

(10) even though I like Lebron better than Jordan, MJ was the better player.

REBGV Sales Update Through December 2018

REBGV released their stats package through December 2018. Here are the numbers

Sales have mimicked 2012 in the last “downturn”, the difference being that inventory is still rather low, leading to a lower months of inventory than that year. Inventory is normal-ish again, after being torched in 2015 and 2016. Here are two price graphs, the first is the scatterplot of 6 month house changes versus months of inventory (6 month changes are -7.0%), and year-on-year price changes, which are negative, as they were in 2012.

2018 was an interesting year – sales were weak for a few reasons, the two most pertinent in my view are what appears to be tighter controls on mortgage approvals, and at the higher end of the market demand is very weak. Inventory ended the year in the historical range, and could increase further in 2019.

For what my predictions are worth (looking back I was mostly correct about 2018 but a bit optimistic), I expect further inventory growth in 2019. Completions will accelerate these will eventually find their way, either directly or by spawning sales of existing properties as people move, into the MLS market. This should be helpful to contain upwards trends in prices. 

Prices are strong at the beginning of the year — most years see prices, as measured by the MLS-HPI, rise in the first half, even in terrible years; conversely if prices are to be weak in the year, most of the price drops occur in the second half. We certainly saw prices drop in the second half of 2018 and this has provided a slightly lower starting point for the 2019 prime spring selling season. If prices are to be weak in 2019 on a year-on-year basis, expect meager price gains (probably not negative, but you never know) in the first half.

More broadly, we are a decade away from the last recession, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we are due for another one in the next five years. If this is to occur, it is looking like there is a possibility that Vancouver could be caught on the wrong side of an oversupply during the advent of a recession and that could lead to more significant distresses in terms of sales and inventory, and the effects of this could linger longer than most are expecting. Nonetheless, Vancouver is a growing metropolitan area and land will always be scarce. I foresee no particular reason to think that a prolonged housing recession will last more than a handful of years, though those years could be painful.

Enjoy your 2019!

How to Determine If A Direct Sale of Your House is Right For You!

Last updated on March 2, 2018

What you may not know, is that there are multiple ways to sell a [market_city] house. While many people immediately seek the help of an agent, there are other, more cost-effective ways to sell your house. For example, you could choose to carry the note yourself or sell the property directly, without the help of an agent, which is what we will cover in our latest post!

As we said above, there are many ways to sell. For some properties, a listing makes the most sense, whereas, for other, a direct sale is the smarter choice. Which will it be for you! Don’t sign any agreements or agree to a sale until you learn about what a direct sale can mean for your situation!

 The Commission Factor

When you choose a direct sale to a company such as [company], you won’t have to worry about paying out 6% of the sale price in commissions. This is thousands of dollars you will immediately save by choosing a direct sale. In addition, there aren’t any agent fees, marketing costs, listing fees or photographers to pay. When you work with a direct buyer, the property is typically sold as-is, so you can keep the money for advertising in your pocket.

No Clean-Up Or Repairs

Listing your [market_city] house will require you to make repairs to the home to get it ready for the MLS. Even small damages can severely lower your potential buyer’s perceived value of the home. Making repairs and touch-ups to the house can add up quickly as far as finances are concerned. You will also have to factor in the cost to clean up, keep it clean, store personal items and clutter as well as purchase items if you need to do some staging. While these costs can be worth it in the long run, they should be well considered before listing your home.

Your Terms

When you work with a company like us to sell your house directly, the closing date will be up to you. We are able to purchase properties almost immediately, so you won’t have to spend time waiting around for a buyer to come along. On the flip side, we will not rush you into a closing. We know that selling and moving can be a stressful time, hence why we aim to keep the process as simple as possible. If you should choose to accept an offer from [company], you will then decide on the date that best works for you. You won’t have to worry about the sale falling through as with a traditional sale using bank financing. A direct buyer will have the funds available to pay you immediately!

A Fast Sale Will Save You Money

Point blank, the longer you own the house, the more it is costing you. Investors know this, that is why the goal is always to flip a house quickly! By selling your property to a direct buyer right away, you are potentially saving yourself months of wasted time and money. You are likely paying more for your house than you even realize. There are monthly utilities to consider, homeowners insurance, property taxes that you are responsible for up until the day of closing as well as routine maintenance costs. If you are paying for things such as pool service, pest control or landscaping, those costs will immediately be over and done with.

A Direct Sale Offers Guarantees, While A Listing Does Not

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to buying and selling properties. Deals fall through every day. Banks often take longer than expected to fund a loan. When you list, you are in essence living in limbo until the closing papers have been signed. An agent can list your house for any price you want, even if it has been inflated in order to get you to sign a listing agreement. There is NO guarantee that you will get the price you ask for when you list your [market_city] house! With a direct sale, you will know both the exact date and amount you will walk away with. This will allow you to plan ahead without having to deal with the unknown!

Easy Home Owner Loans Swift Cash Aid Against Your Sweet Home

With some people in my house is great news. News is you can quickly access the cash now for your sweet home. If, then please do not get surprised with loans for homeowners can be easily able to do it then. You can access the funds in the amount of high prices this low-interest loans to more people. Even get a long repayment period and flexible terms, under this loan facility. You can handle the loan application process online.

These loans are primarily useful for the owner of the house suggests that you would like funding for unexpected needs quickly. Only secured a mortgage can be easily accessed. In fact, because of the presence of security can reap the benefits of low interest rates. No security restrictions on the form of houses, land, and you can pledge to make the vehicle on your property and bonds, you need to place the papers related to the lender. The loan repayment will be returned at the time of your paper. Your £ 5,000 £ 75,000 to a fixed repayment period of 5-25 years from the amount you can borrow in the range of this loan facility.

Approval of the amount of funds available to fulfill the following objectives when numerous:

Long-term electricity New property purchase Plan your dream wedding Assignment of mortgage Child of funding higher education, etc.

Do you have a bad credit tag? Under the influence of several factors such as adverse credit in arrears in your credit history, on the foreclosure, bankruptcy, bankruptcy, defaults, missed payments and other? Relax! You can not worry about cash assistance to poor credit records by using the first mortgage on your freedom.

This loan can ease and comfort in a way that can be useful for the online mode. Search online, the loan agreement will be beneficial to help compare the loan quotes of a number of financial institutions. Only if all the simple online form to fill out the required information must be submitted online. Get a loan approval via e-mail confirmation you. You then transfer the money directly to the lender’s account. Within remittance can be done in the shortest time. In online mode, you can get the cash to help ease the ease and comfort.


Learning the fundamentals of property rating and taxation in Nigeria

An article written and compiled by Nwabuisi
for the department of estate management


Over the years there has been an ever increasing need for
the government to be able to foot public spending, provide social amenities for
the people and also to improve on the standard of living f the people. This
gave rise to so many questions as at how this goals and objectives can be
achieved. Questions like ‘How can the money be sorted for, where is the money,
how can these money be collected and how are they going to be used, who are to
collect this money, how well will it be on the public that is paying this
money’’. These are questions been asked by people that gave rise to the
introduction of tax amongst countries of the world.

This article will help highlight the meaning and importance
of taxation and rating in countries especially the third world countries and
the developing countries of the world as the case may be. Nevertheless, the
problems encountered in tax administration also will be pointed out alongside
the solutions to these problem and recommendations on how to make it better.

Furthermore, this article will explain the meaning and needs
for one to pay his tax and for countries to engage themselves in this process
called taxation especially as it plays an important role in the socio economic
development of a place starting from the industrial sector to the residential
and commercial properties.

Taxation as a process or an art plays a vital role in real
estate development in so many ways. Deep in this article, we shall find out how
taxation and rating helps in improving the standard of people in the community
that it is practiced and administered well. It is true that tax in Nigeria is
not been monitored and controlled well unlike the other developed countries of
the world as a result of bribery and corruption amongst the people in Nigeria.
Poor tax administration in Nigeria has made it seem  impossible for Nigeria to be like the
European countries like London, China, America etc, this is as a result of poor
administration and allocation of resources realized from the process
(taxation). Greed, envy and jealousy and most times inadequate use of trained
personnel has also contributed to the poor tax administration in Nigeria for

It is also important to note that the ever increasing rise
in population has given rise to higher demand for social infrastructural
facilities like more roads, electricity, water, housing etc, and all these can
hardly be achieved without a good tax system and administration as the case may
be. Looking at the points to be evaluated in this article, one may come to
realize the importance taxation especially in our country.


Taxation can be defined as a system of applying levies on
people by the government for the purpose of footing government spending and
realization of revenue for public interest.

Taxation or Taxes can also be defined as levies or charges
levied or imposed on the people or individuals, groups or organizations by the
government with the aim of raising revenue to enable him foot or defray public
expenses and spending.

Taxes are used as a means of the government realizing and raising
revenue for public usage as we can see in the definition of taxation above.
Though there are other means by which government obtain revenue and they are
listed as follows;

Government obtains revenue through the
administration of rent
. One may ask, is government now a landlord or
property owner. The answer is YES Land users and land owners according to the
Land Use Act are on leasehold and the holder pays a rent called the ‘Ground
Rent’ to the government and other means like shops and other through other real
properties like the GRAs. Government obtains revenue through these means.

Government also obtains and realizes revenue
through Fees, Licenses and Fines as the
case may be. Yes, it is true
that revenue is realized by government through this means. For example,
Licenses like Driver’s license, Road warrants, and Sales license of some
certain goods and services like gun shops, alcohol bars, and premises license
etc. Fees like government agency fees paid by people to their different
agencies. We can see that of fines for public law defaulters and criminals like
money laundering and fraud, the crime suspects are charged by the courts and they
are fined as well and this money goes to the pocket of the government which
will be used to develop and defray public expenses.

To be continued….

Let me have your comments on this while you read on to the next one that is coming your way…

Happy Reading….

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Mortgage Rates Drop Lower in Early 2019

The new year started with lower mortgage rates across the board in the U.S. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate recently dipped to 4.51%. The low mortgage rate combined with decreasing home price growth should get prospective homebuyers excited to buy. However, the recent turmoil of the stock market may affect home buying activity in the next few months. The 30 year mortgage fixed-rate averaged 4.51% for the week ending January 3, 2019, down from last week when it averaged 4.55%. A year ago at this time, the 30 year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.95%. The 15 year fixed mortgage rate average 3.99% this week, down from last week when it averaged 4.01%.

This mortgage-rate drop offers a potential boost to the housing market. The decline on mortgage rates gives consumers an opportunity to obtain low rates on loans to purchase or refinance their homes, if they can look past volatile financial markets and still high home values. High home prices, stock market swings, and a traditionally slow time of year for home buying have largely lowered housing-market activity in recent months.

Villa Independent – JV Phase 1

Unit reference no. VI250978
Location Dubai, Marina Emirates Living District, Jumeirah Village
Approx. size 2,692 sq.ft
Approx. price AED 1,617,100
View Community
Completion date June 2009
Consultant’s name Penny Higgins

Unit Overview
A great family option
Take advantage of this very large two bedroom plus study independant villa by Nakheel. With only a few handed over you have the opportunity to get settled into your new home. Amazing plot size or over 7,000 sqft, you can only find this size, for this price in Jumeirah village.

Facilities and Amenities
Central a/c system

Community center

Garbage disposal
Landscaped gardens


24 hr maintenance
24 hr security

Concierge facility

Internet access
Retail services

Satellite connection

Fittings and Fixtures
Central a/c
Kitchen facilities
Laundry facilities

Home Mortgages 101: A Must-Read for First-Time Home Buyers!

Home Mortgages 101: A Must-Read for First-Time Home Buyers!
One of the most important parts of manifest destiny and the American dream is home ownership. Owning your own home can be a very smart investment decision since prices tend to increase faster than the inflation rate, and now, with the recession dropping home prices and interest rates to their lowest in the last decade, there isn’t a better time to buy! Because of the current market timing and the fact that it’s a widely known as a smart investment, now is the time to start considering the idea. Before you rush out, call a realtor and start looking for a house, you should start by seeking out the perfect mortgage for your budget.

All potential homeowners should take some time to research home loans before calling their local Realtor. There are a dazzling array of choices available when it comes to home loans, and finding the right mortgage for your needs can be difficult. Approach your upcoming home purchase with the same seriousness you apply to other major purchases. Your home will most likely be the biggest single investment you ever make. Take the time at the beginning to educate yourself about home loans. It will be time well spent.

To begin your home mortgage search, talk to credit unions, banks, and brokers in your area. You’re looking for someone to hold your hand through the process, but you also want a decent rate with low fees, so make sure to shop around.

When you’re looking at rates, you will be shown two different types – variable/adjustable rate (ARM) and fixed rate. The ARM rate is usually shown as a promotion at a cheap rate, sometimes called a “teaser.” After the fixed period of the ARM is up, you can expect rates to rise significantly if you get into one of these adjustable rate mortgages.

ARMs have two specific things you look for to use in your analysis – when the rate adjusts (anywhere between one month to 10 years) and what the cap on the interest rate is. Usually, the rate will adjust to whatever the prime rate (the federal government chooses this number) is at the time of the adjustment, plus a certain percentage of ‘mark-up’ that pays the bank. When you discover the rate cap, use a mortgage payment calculator to find out how much your maximum monthly payment is, worst case. That’s not to say your mortgage will actually adjust to that rate, but it’s a prudent idea to plan for different scenarios – including worst case.

Variable rate home loans can be a good choice if you believe interest rates are likely to fall. In an environment where interest rates are steady or rising, they may not be so good a choice. You may also want to consider a variable rate mortgage if you do not plan to stay in your home more than five years. For instance, if your job transfers you every couple of years, you could probably get away with a variable rate mortgage and take advantage of the lower interest rate. When you move and sell your home, you will probably realize a gain due to rising home prices.

On the other hand, fixed rate home loans have a set interest rate for a set period of time, generally either 15 or 30 years. The interest rate does not change, therefore you will always know what your monthly mortgage payment will be. You are protected from rising interest rates with a fixed rate mortgage. If rates fall significantly, you can always refinance your mortgage loan to take advantage of the lower rates.

Your mortgage term, or length, is another deciding factor of how much interest you’ll end up paying. With a longer term, you’ll pay more interest since your loan is amortized over more years – creating more compound interest. If you need the flexibility to make smaller payments by taking on a longer mortgage term, you can always pay more toward your principal at any time to help reduce the length of the loan. Just by paying a few extra principal payments/year can save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest!

Whatever type of home loan you decide on, the most important thing is to take that step which transforms you from a mere renter to a home owner and builder of equity. There are a great many home loans out there, but once you find the right one, you will find the rewards of home ownership well worth the time and effort put forth.

MRI Overseas Property Wound Up

Hi Folks!

Apologies for our lack of posting of late, however albeit a little slow, we bring the news that our old chums MRI Overseas Property Limited in the UK would have appeared to call it a day!

Yup, closed the doors. (Oh no, hold on a minute, the offices they were using are now mysteriously being used by DCC International Property, another property company that happens to have some former MRI directors involved)

Announced it would seem by the infamous Dominic Pickering on the 12/10/2009, a copy of the announcement can be seen on this link here from the London Gazette quoting Pickering as the Chairman of the voluntary wind up of MRI Overseas Property Limited.

Other related company statuses are rumoured to be as followed,

MRI TV Limited – in liquidation
MRI Media Limited – in liquidation – wind up date 19/03/2009
MRI TV Limited – in liquidation – wind up date 19/03/2009
Overseas Property Channel Limited -Dissolved
Overseas Property Media Limited 05892062 – Dissolved
Overseas Property Radio Limited 05892065 – Dissolved 19/05/2009
Overseas Property TV Limited 05891996 – Dissolved 19/05/09
Overseas Property TV Magazine Limited 05892016 – Dissolved

To many this news will likely come as no real surprise however, where does this leave all those clients? As in those that got pulled in by the Great Bait and Switch? Those that bought furniture in Bulgaria amongst other places? Who actually did the switching? MRI Construction, or MRI Overseas? Who sold the furniture? There was a time when there still was an MRI website when it stated they didn’t actually sell furniture any more and kindly suggested that you contact an “independant company” Solutions Overseas

It would seem it is a little early to tell yet. To even find the notice declaring the winding up statement took a little while, no-one else appears to be publishing the fact clearly on the web. Our tip off came from one of the many help forums for clients of MRI, all of which have their content hidden from the search engines with secure forums these days, most likely for fear of threats of legal action.

No doubt more information will arise very soon, as we have it and can verify it, rest assured, we will bring it to you. If you would like any Investment Property Rumours as they are published, just sign up free using the e-mail subscription tool on the right hand side of the page. (Don’t forget to confirm your subscrition!)

If you feel you have affected by any the business antics performed by MRI Overseas Property, feel free to comment in the comments section, although please keep it clean, and don’t leave any personal details, we cannot publish posts that contain either.