Building real estate leads without fear of the list of excluded phone numbers

Since the creation of the list of excluded telephone numbers in 2003, many real estate agents are reluctant to call people. Even though it&39;s been 5 years, some agents still do not know how to call potential customers and follow the guidelines of the Call List Regulations. Many real estate agents have used impromptu calls to generate leads and create new business. With the list of excluded phone numbers in place, many agents feel they can not call anyone they have never spoken to face to face. But in reality, this is not the case.

The law states that a company can call a consumer up to three months after the consumer has asked a question or submitted a request to the company. That being said, all that a real estate agent has to do is contact him first. They are then free to call them for up to 3 months. (If the caller specifically asks the agent not to call him back or put him on his list of excluded phone numbers, the agent must comply.) Some agents can now say that if all the prospects called them, they would not worry about not being able to call people on the list of excluded telephone numbers. Well, the reason that potential customers do not call these agents and inquire is that the agent does not give them the reason.

Agents must provide prospects with a compelling reason to call. They must have something at their disposal, otherwise they will not answer the phone. So you have to ask yourself: what people in the market can buy or sell a home need? The first thing they need is INFORMATION. Information is a powerful thing. Without that, everything is a guessing game. How can people make an informed decision without inquiring? As a real estate agent, you are in a unique position to provide them with the information they need. Becoming an information provider is a great way to generate leads and call them.

A real estate agent can establish itself as an information provider by offering people free reports on a variety of topics that might be useful to potential buyers and sellers. For example, if an agent is trying to attract sellers, a report on "" How to sell your home in a bear market "would be particularly helpful for a seller right now.On the same note, a report on" Why now is the best The time to buy a new home "would be just as popular.You can even be more specific with your reports." Offer reports such as "Buying a retirement home in insert your region here "Generate leads in this market A report on" How to move from a tenant to a landlord in 90 days "will generate leads of a different type.By proposing these reports, you realize a number of things :

  • Get people to call you so that you no longer have to worry about the list of excluded phone numbers.
  • Generate leads.
  • Gather very specific information on these tracks.
  • Position yourself as an information provider and someone who is there to help you.
  • Build a relationship with prospects.

Now all this is good and good, but if you can not follow the prospects who contact you to get information, it&39;s a useless effort. One solution is to use a toll-free call capture system. A call capture system will allow you to enter their name, address, phone number and the report requested by your callers – essential information on how to contact them and what you will say when you do it. Here are two aspects of a toll-free call capture system that will help you generate leads without fearing the list of excluded phone numbers, as well as track the origin of these leads. :

  1. The toll-free number itself is an important part of the system. Unlike a local number, a toll-free number can not be blocked. This means that even if your correspondent has a blocked or unlisted number, you still capture it. It has also been proven that a toll free number increases your advertising response by 30%. They offer prospects a free, hassle free call to get free information and people like that.
  2. A call capture system uses tracking extensions. By adding a different extension to each of your advertisements or your displays, you are able to collect information about your caller&39;s needs before contacting them. As a bonus, you will be able to determine which of your ads are generating leads and which are sucking money out the windows.

The list of excluded phone numbers has definitely changed the way real estate agents generate leads. However, that does not mean that they can not generate as much, if not more, leads by calling people over the phone. The key is that these people call you first and you can take it from there.