Buy Coromandel Real Estate

The purchase of real estate is an important decision, especially if you are moving to another region or another country. The Coromandel region of New Zealand offers a wide selection of real estate, ranging from sections to houses and lifestyle blocks as well as businesses. When moving to the Coromandel region, it is a good idea to look for all the necessary regional information to ensure that you are fully aware of the steps required to move to this beautiful and natural part of New Zealand.

The Coromandel region is under the jurisdiction of the Thames Coromandel District Council. The rules and regulations established by the District Council apply to all persons living in the area and are taxed to ensure the safety of persons and property and to ensure the proper functioning of services in the area. If you plan to build or modify an existing building, you will need to ask the council for a building permit to make sure your structure is legal.

The District Council may also provide other important information to people who are considering buying a Coromandel building or building in the area. This includes how to access the Land Information Memorandum (LIM) reports as well as the management of your water, wastewater and stormwater connections. Another important thing for property buyers to consider is swimming pool and spa pool fencing. Further details on these important rules can be obtained from the board offices.

Since the Coromandel region is heavily forested and the native flora and fauna are largely covered, it is important to know the fire regulations when buying property in Coromandel. During the warmer summer months, wooded areas such as the Coromandel Forest Park are completely closed to fire. Fire permits can be obtained from the council.

As a resident of Coromandel, you will enjoy popular sites such as Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove and the Pinnacles all year round. These areas are also occupied during the summer period because the area of ​​Coromandel is very popular with tourists. It is therefore important for residents and visitors to work in harmony. One aspect that helps with this is for those who own dogs to be aware of dog control laws. There are special areas reserved for dog exercise areas, where dogs can be left without a leash. Other areas, such as beaches, reserves and nesting areas of native birds, are prohibited to dogs for much of the summer period. The Thames Coromandel District Council website contains all relevant information for dog owners to make sure they comply with the rules.

The District Council website is also a great way to find all the information you need about rate payments, garbage collection and recycling centers. You can also find out about the Coromandel, Whangamata, Mercury Bay, Tairua and Thames libraries, as well as the public pools, parks and reserves in the area.