Estate Management
Real Software

World’s easiest Estate Management Real

Landlords, real estate investors, and
property managers can save valuable time
and lots of money by using the estate management real
software from TReXGlobal over traditional
methods of recordkeeping and estate
management, while eliminating the
frustration and stress that naturally comes
with the estate management process.
Comprehensive Estate
Management Real Software estate management real
software can save landlords, real estate
investors, and property managers from the
hassle that they normally go through to
manage estate properties.
estate management real software can allow
end users to completely manage nearly
every aspect of their estate properties
without stacks of ledgers and cabinets full of
paperwork to keep up with. In just five
minutes or less each month, users of the estate management real
software can complete with 100% accuracy
most of the management tasks that must be
done for their estate properties, allowing
the management team to converse money
while freeing up their time to concentrate
their efforts on other management needs for
the estate property.

Normally, manual recording procedures and recordkeeping can take hours each week or month, but the estate management real
software makes ‘mincemeat’ of management

Easy Estate Management Real
An easy to use format allows users to track
both expenditures and receivables from
month to month for every estate property
that they manage – such as utilities,
insurance, advertising costs and much, much
more, with just a click or two of the mouse.
The estate management
real software allows users to track income
from lease or rental payments, deposits,
and other income for the estate property in
seconds, and has the capacity to instantly
compile cash flow analysis, expense reports,
and pertinent tax forms that must be
completed for the Internal Revenue Service
each year by simply selecting the criteria
that users wish to base the report or
analysis on.

Tracking performance of the
estate property for certain time periods is
easy – users just enter the parameters they
wish to track and the estate
management real software does the rest.
Online Estate Management Real
One of the most beloved featured of the estate management real
software is that it lives completely online as
a web-based application. For end users, this
means that there are no tricky and time
consumptive downloads, no stack of discs
to install and later keep track of, and no
complicated (and expensive) training
sessions to attend. estate
management real software accounts reside
on secure servers – not on
your computer’s hard drive. This means that
the user’s computer is not stuffed with bulky
files that can reduce the speed and impact
the performance of their computer system.
And since secure servers
feature advanced encryption technology and
firewall protection, there is no worry that
information stored in estate
management real software accounts will be
compromised or shared with any third
party. Users may share their account with
anyone they wish to, anywhere in the world,
because the estate
management real software can be accessed
from any computer with Internet connection
using a password that the user creates –
which makes sharing files with members of
the estate management team at diverse
locations is simple and easy.

Save money, time and manage effectively
with Estate Management
Real Software

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