Develop and adapt your commercial real estate agent relationships

In a commercial real estate agency, the relationships you have with your clients will change and change over the course of the year, as their real estate needs evolve. Above all, you need to adapt your approach and make all your contact processes relevant and valuable.

You do not need to contact the same prospect or the same customer with the same information and the same strategy each time you call. New market information and ideas will help the customer relationship grow. So, what kind of information can you provide to help the client communicate with you?

Try some of them:

  • Time in the market of factors affecting different types of ownership
  • Survey levels currently arriving in the region
  • Price trends with properties on the market and those that have been sold
  • Leasing Strategies and Recent Lease Results
  • Yields and ceiling rates applied to prices and rents
  • Better marketing strategies for better local inquiries

In an ideal world, you should be aware of these facts as part of your daily business in the commercial real estate market. It&39;s simply about having information in a form that you can provide to current and potential customers you work with.

Here are some ways to disseminate the information to the people in your database that you consider to be targets for more new businesses:

  1. Start a blog in your own name and indicate the region and type of property in which you are specialized. Each week you can write one or two articles on the activity and market trends. Given this, you can link your blog article to your emails and newsletters that you send.
  2. Your database must be built and contained in a system where you can distribute many emails and newsletters. It is best to send an e-mail newsletter at least once a fortnight.
  3. The two previous points are "electronic" and related to the Internet. You will always need more "traditional" approaches to convey information to your customers and prospects. Direct mail once a month will be useful. Attach a "hard copy" of your newsletter to the mailing process. Always attach your business card to each letter sent.
  4. Create what I call a sheet. It is essentially a simple sheet of paper printed on one or two sides. This is a mini version of your newsletter and provides an update. You can easily copy the number of "one sheet" you need over the weeks. A black and white copy is appropriate for the process, but always attach your business card to the paper. Use this sheet to meet new people or prospects, or to go door-to-door to local businesses. Use the sheet as a marketing tool "Leave behind". It is a simple and yet very effective process to attract the attention of the prospect.

Be sensitive to growing and changing relationships with all your prospects and contacts. Your marketing materials can be adapted to their changing real estate needs.