Homes for Sale – Venezuela


This Beach & Spa Resort provides owners with incredible opportunity to make money through the capital growth as well as rental return from their property.

Guaranteed rental yield of 7% (net of all expenses) for 10 years backed by a fidelity bond.

Last apart-hotel directly on the beach in an area with a shortfall of availability for top quality accommodation

Huge scope for capital growth by getting in early on the best development on Isla Margarita

Hands off, fully managed investment bondManaged by world class rental & management company

World class developer with proven track record

Free hold title

Tax efficient ownership structure

Low cost of entry (prices start at €79,000)

Only 30% deposit required and this is held in ESCROW

This Beach and Spa resort really does present purchasers with the ideal investment at an unmissable price. Even clients who are purchasing purely for their own personal use can rest assured that they are getting in at just the right time before property prices increase to catch up with the rest of the world