How to become a real estate bird and earn money in your free time

When I first heard about Irena Major&39;s "Property Profiler Guide", it goes without saying that I thought it was a whole other thing. "How to make money by investing in real estate" targeting unsuspected beginners without any exploitable information!

I became even more suspicious when I read the product sales letter because it made big plans like investing in real estate without buying properties! Will you believe it?

The book consists of a 55-page step-by-step guide, from looking for real estate investors to looking for business assets, to finding real estate. In addition, there are numerous appendices that include an example of a bird dog service agreement, a lawyer&39;s letter, a property profiler tracking system, a real estate agent&39;s letter, an evaluation letter investor, etc.

In addition, a great bonus of The Lazy Investor&39;s proprietary branding training course will be emailed to you and will help you stay on top of your real estate business!

The things I like about this product?

Honestly, I&39;ve never seen anything go into so much detail, do this then do this detail.

The book can help not only beginners, but also real estate specialists, especially those who want to know more about finding economic properties and how to contact investors.

I would say it&39;s really a step-by-step guide to real estate for anyone wishing to get into the real estate hunt while earning extra income during their free time!

In addition to learning the 8 safe ways to find real estate investors for whom dogd and get paid for your information, you can also learn how to locate the 6 types of properties for which investors are thirsty. As these are the two basic steps of real estate bird hunting, once you get your hands on it, you&39;re almost ready to start your bird dog service!

Oh, yes, there is another thing that I almost forgot to mention here: Irena Major has included several chapters to teach you how to conduct thorough research in real estate records and documents. And it even tells you what property information you need to collect for the valuation of your investor.

A large number of screenshots and useful links are also included for easy reference. I think it&39;s something you would not see on another eBook.

Is there something I do not like about this product?

Yes, of course, there are one or two things that Irena Major can improve. The Lazy Investor&39;s Guide to Property Profiling is considered a complete, step-by-step eBook. This is not a "short report", it would be quite difficult to read the entire book on the screen. So, it would be nice if she can come out with video tutorials.

Another area is that the book does not sufficiently cover the skills needed to become a real estate bird or property property profiler.

Overall, I think it&39;s a complete, step-by-step guide, and if you&39;re serious about selling your dog, you need a copy now. In addition, the price of the book is also reasonable.