Marin Market Ratings

Below is a graphical representation of market ratings (e.g., “Strong Sellers”, “Balanced”, “Extreme Buyers”, etc.) for Marin County for the period spanning October, 2004 to January, 2006. I found the data here. To make this bar chart, I arbitrarily assigned an ordinal to each rating as follows:

1 = Extreme Buyers Market
2 = Strong Buyers Market
3 = Buyers Market
4 = Balanced Market
5 = Sellers Market
6 = Strong Sellers Market
7 = Extreme Sellers Market

So, the shorter the bars in the following graph, the more of a buyers market it is; the higher the bars, the more of a sellers market it is.

This time last year Marin was a “Strong Sellers Market”. Today Marin is a “Strong Buyers Market”.

It is worth taking a closer look at her data. Basically, the “cheapest” houses are in the “Sellers Market” or “Balanced Market” range; anything priced at a million dollars or more is in one of the “Buyers Market” categories. As interest rates rise and/or “exotic” loans become harder to obtain I should think we would see the low end price range convert to one of the “Buyers” categories. But as it stands now, if you want to be in one of the “Sellers Market” categories then you have to lower your price.

And you gotta love the spin this realtor tries to put on her data.