Not just another pretty face!

For those of you who have not had the chance to view my main real estate website, you have not had the distinct pleasure of laying eyes on Harold. Harold is my 4.5-year old Bloodhound, and quite possibly the most handsome, sweet dog I have ever had. Harold’s mug graces the homepage of my website…

Harold compensates for being so handsome by also being incredibly smelly…which leads me to my topic of the day – pet odor in homes. If you are planning to list your home for sale, and you love your pet as much as I do – PLEASE take the time to de-odorize your house. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have become accustomed that doggy smell (or kitty, guinea pig, ferrett, etc.) in your home, and the odor does not bother you. I guarantee your guests smell this odor, and potential buyers of your home will smell this too. Not only could this issue lead to extra time on the market, but possibly a price reduction later. Why lower your price $10k when you can spend relatively little in most cases getting rid the the smell? Here are a few tips for replacing “That old, wet dog smell” with “That new house smell.”

– Scoop the litter box…and take out the trash! This goes for the backyard too if you have dogs…scoop that poop!…or clean that cage!

– Use scented sprays – like Febreeze or Ozium…light scented candles.

– Use the plug-in oil burning thingy.

– Clean with disinfectants that use enzymes to “eat away” odors from hard surfaces like concrete floors and the insides of garbage containers.

– Sprinkle carpet freshener on your carpet to absorb odors and then vacuum.

– Bathe your pets. Duh!

– If the smell is just too strong, have carpets and/or upholstry professionally cleaned…or if your budget permits, replace your carpet and clear the furniture out of the house.