The term project management has come to been since the early days of building construction. Project management has been since the 1880s. it is an aspect that involves the management of resources that can be used in the successful acheivement of a good project work.

Project can be defined as some certain set of activities performed by individuals that have a defined begining and an ending. Project can also be seen as activities carried out by people with a defined begining and ending with respect to time, cost and performance parameters.

Project management can be defined as the process of applying management techniques in the integration of resources like time, cost and performance in achieving project goals and objectives of the owner.

Project management can also be defined as a process by which activities are coordinated to achieve a goal under time, cost and performance parameters.

Over the years, people use traditional methods like the direct effort and the design and build approach method in conducting some projects like building projects. This lead to the poor delivery of projects and also the conflicts and other problems arising from project works.

The advent of modern project management has made it possible for individuals to embark of projects and ensure quality project delivery and success in project works.

Project management comprises of the application of skills like;
1. Planning skills
2. Organizational and coodinational skills.
3. Executioning and controlling skills
4. Forecasting skills etc.

It is always advisable to use project managers in embarking on projects. This is as a result of the increased and high expertise of these individuals because they can handle uncertainties like risk, and other unforseen circmstances.

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