Real Estate Appraisal Course

In any real estate transaction, one of the most important items is the price of the property. In order to determine the market value of a property, lenders and real estate brokers hire a real estate appraiser to assess its market value.

Evaluators use three types of assessments: VA, FHA and conventional assessments. Professional real estate appraisers have real estate valuation licenses that allow them to practice their profession. In order to obtain this license, potential assessors must attend courses, pass and pass state exams. However, even after obtaining their license, evaluators must always take more courses to become certified assessors for VA loans, FHA loans and others. In addition to state-accredited schools that offer courses on various topics related to real estate appraisal, online courses are also available on the Internet.

Online Course on Real Estate Appraisal

The real estate valuation courses offered by schools on the Internet include different fields of study, which generally include the National Standards of Professional Assessors (USPAP), lessons on the use of the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report, Real Estate Mathematics, Assessment of the FHA, OREA Information, License Information for State Assessment and License Renewal Information. Other courses offered by some schools also include the evaluation of residential real estate and legal considerations in the assessment.

Revision courses to assist future assessors in passing state exams are also offered by schools, which take the form of practice exams and tutorials. These courses are often delivered through a variety of software, CDs and virtual tutorials that future assessors can access on their personal computer directly from the comfort of their own home. As with other real estate courses offered online, future appraisers also have the opportunity to study different laws and valuation principles in other states.

License Renewal

Real estate appraisers are also required to renew their licenses and they do so by passing another round of exams. Online schools also offer help in this process by helping assessors develop their skills by providing additional courses such as real estate analysis and home inspection. Given all these elements, it is clear that online real estate appraisal courses offer a wealth of information to appraisers who can help them practice their profession.