Real estate representation: understand important statements

Real estate under license sellers must adhere to specific ethical, integrity and service guidelines. However, as, for example, a listing agent owes his allegiance to his client, while complying with real estate laws, there may be some confusion as to the beginning of loyalty to his client. and begins, as well as ends. This fine line often focuses on whether a specific piece of information is relevant, in terms of being, material, and what it means and represents. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, examine and examine some of the fundamental considerations at stake.

1. Personal situation of the client: An agent must preserve the confidentiality, the needs of his client and the merit! Some of these considerations include: the specific reasons one could be selling; all the financial needs of his client; period of time; any flexibility in price, etc. The ethics of an agent requires a fiduciary loyalty to those he represents. Informing, for example, a potential buyer of your client&39;s home, any of the above information may weaken, their negotiation capacity. It is your ethical responsibility to do everything you can, legally and ethically, to serve them and achieve their goals, which are often to get the highest possible price, as soon as possible, with a minimum of hassle. . or stress.

2 Personal knowledge: When a potential buyer asks a question, you must answer it honestly and as thoroughly as possible, within the constraints and restrictions of your ethical commitment, to the person you represent! This means that if you are questioned about schools, neighborhood, crime, etc., you should be the source – of – the – source, meaning, telling them where the information requested might be available, rather than your version of these facts.

3 Material declarations: If you know of a material problem, such as public information about certain public projects, etc., that could negatively affect the value of the properties or the enjoyment of the property in question, or any material defect, such as problems known structure, etc. you must disclose them.

Do not forget that the personal liability of an agent, as a representative / agent of the owner, includes the protection of things such as personal information fiduciary / financial, any personal matter (marriage, family, etc.). ), etc., but this does not exclude the legal necessity to: disclose, in an honest and honorable manner, all the important questions, considered legally, to which the buyer is entitled. The more we know and understand better, the better the process is applied!