Seller Leads for Realtors – How to Capture Internet List Leads

For years, realtors have used the same expensive methods to generate listings. Typically, agents have spent thousands of dollars for sending postcards, notebooks and expensive calendars. While these methods work, it takes months to generate sales leads for real estate agents and their cost-effectiveness is, at best, marginal.

Internet use is a more effective way for Realtors to generate listings. The problem is that most agents do not know where to start. Real estate agents have learned that the Internet is a great way to create leads, but that the web will not work to produce sales leads for realtors. Let me convince you how wrong this thought is!

How to get started: what sellers want

To be successful in finding sellers at home, you need to understand how the typical salesperson begins his process. Sellers want information. Most sellers want to know what other houses in their area are selling. They need to see if the time has come to put their home on the market. When sellers want this information, they go online.

Once online, the average seller searches for homes sold in their area. You need to make sure that your website (or the one on which you buy your real estate online leads) provides the information that they are looking for. Here&39;s what your website MUST have to find home sellers:

  • Access to the prices sold: Buyers want current list information. Vendors want the latest market data for every home sold in their area. There are many fewer websites available that provide this information. Therefore, if your site does, you will be well placed to capture Internet SEO leads.
  • Full market statistics: In addition to specific selling prices, sellers also want statistics on the local real estate market as a whole. By providing detailed information on the number of active listings, newly sold homes and the average number of days in the market, the seller will be much more likely to provide his information on the website so that you can capture potential customers online .
  • Ability to request more information: The sellers want to be in control. Never force information on your sales process, but rather give them the opportunity to ask an agent to contact them. All major online real estate reseller websites offer this option. Sellers first want market data, then information about the services of real estate agents.

Cost: Direct Mail vs. Online Real Estate Leads

One of the main advantages of the Internet to generate sales leads for real estate agents is the cost. A month of direct mail in a small neighborhood can cost more than $ 1,000, but you can sign up for any national website capturing prospects of less than $ 50 a month.

The best part of these services is that when one of these websites leads to internet seizure, the seller is ready to sell now. With neighborhood mailings, you send messages to all homeowners in the area, regardless of their sales intentions. You do not need to waste your money to contact hundreds and hundreds of homeowners to find vendors in the neighborhood.