Survive as a real estate agent

Only 12 years have passed since the laws governing real estate transactions were amended to allow a real estate agent to represent not only those who wish to sell properties, but also potential buyers. Previously, a real estate agent could show properties to buyers, but was paid only by the seller.

The buyer&39;s lawyer

But now, the law requires the real estate agent to conclude a contract with a buyer who asks him for help to locate a house to buy. Under the contract, the real estate agent must provide the buyer with precise information on the loan and financing, search for properties that correspond to the buyer&39;s situation and budget, and help the buyer to conclude a real estate purchase. .

The real estate agent of the buyer will also have to negotiate the best possible price depending on the established value of the property with the real estate agent who represents the seller. The seller will always be responsible for all costs associated with the sale of the property.

In some cases, the same real estate agent acts for the seller and the seller as "limited agent disclosed". In this case, both the buyer and the seller must provide written consent, and the relationship between all parties must be disclosed before any proposed sale of the property can be considered.

Pass through difficult times

Given that the US real estate market is experiencing a rapid decline since its euphoric beginnings in the early years of the 21st century, many real estate agents have realized that it&39;s wise to become as proactive as possible in a buyer&39;s marketplace. where the conclusion of a contract can be rare indeed.

The real estate speculation bubble has attracted thousands of new agents to the market and, even though interest rates have remained at historically low levels, these agents have flourished. But with the recent slowdown in home sales, many of these agents have left the profession or are desperately looking for ways to hang on until the market starts to recover.

Internet has become an indispensable tool for the survival of a real estate agent [] pencil case. Any real estate agent who wants to reach as many real estate agents as possible must master the art of directing them to their website and give them the reasons to stay as clients as soon as they arrive. The real estate agent who wishes to pursue his career simply needs to have an online site providing information about the real estate and services that he offers.

And the smart real estate agent will set up a website independent of their agency&39;s website, so the money invested in the site is not just a charitable donation for the advertising budget of the agency. agency.